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Further Learning Support

Further support can be found on our

This website that has been created by four Essex headteachers to help families support their children at home.

Other Home Learning ideas

Home Learning Ideas if Twinkl isn't working

Phoneme / Grapheme Correspondence

Blending and Segmenting Fluency

Word Reading

Word Reading Fluency

Please use the 'developing reading' or 'mastering reading' statements.

In 3CD we are currently working on;

  • Vocabulary and the meanings of words.

  • Inference - "reading between the lines" to understand things the author hasn't actually said.

Developing Reading Skills

Mastering Reading Skills

Maths Support

Fast Maths

In fast maths we are now working on multiplication.

We are focusing on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables first (Year 2 expectations).

Your child has 10 minutes to complete as much of the grid as possible.

In order to ensure they remain accurate they have access to a completed multiplication grid.

Fast Maths times tables 10 x 10

Maths Vocabulary and definitions

This document lists mathematical vocabulary used in primary schools.