Highlights - July

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2H have been;

  • Re-capping on the year 1 and 2 Common Exception words

  • Writing charachter descriptions

  • Creating their own 'Pop art' style art work

  • Playing Scategories

  • Taking part in sports day

and much, much more....

I can't wait to see what you learn next week.

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Zoom 'Catch ups'

This month 2H have had some more Zoom 'catch ups'.

It was great to see so many of you and hear what you have been doing. Can you spot you and your friends?

Week beginning 29.06.20

This week we played scategories via zoom. Mrs Hammond gave us a letter and we had to think of things that fit into the categories that started with the letter. The categories we used were;

  • Name

  • Place (town/city/country etc)

  • Animal

  • Food / Drink

  • Hobby or something you can do

  • Something you wear

Why not try playing with your family at home, you can choose your own letter and categories.

... and the winners are....

Group 1 1st (joint) - Elizabeth MC

Group 1 1st (joint) - Talullah

Group 1 3rd - Dolly C

Group 2 1st (joint) - Tommy L

Group 2 1st (joint) - Riley P

Group 2 3rd - Nico

Group 3 1st - /

Group 3 2nd - Tommy F

Group 3 3rd - Isabelle